Coral Supreme Peony

I didn’t blog yesterday. I went outside early because it was the first warm day we’ve had in a couple of weeks. I wanted to get my hands into the dirt because there is something about gardening that is therapeutic for me. I already feel better after a single session.

I know a lot of other people who feel the same way. For me, though, a love of gardening is indicated in my natal chart. I have a Cancer moon, a conjunction of Venus and Mars in my fourth house, and Libra for a rising sign. So, not only do I like to nurture plants like I am their mother (Cancer), but I also have plenty of energy to make my home a more beautiful, inviting place (Venus and Mars in the fourth house). Curiously, though, home decor isn’t such a big priority for me. I guess that my Libra rising makes me more concerned with superficial beauty and what my neighbors see: the outside of my house.

When I was outside, I discovered a Coral Supreme peony root still alive and pushing up shoots within a huge clump of dirt that had been excavated during a foundation repair that was done last autumn. I cleaned it up and replanted it in a place of honor. It might take a few seasons to return to its former glory, but that’s gardening for you. It’s a lifelong exercise of patience, and I suppose that also makes it a very Capricorn-like hobby.

An astrologer friend of mine just revealed on her blog that she was going to give gardening a chance; it has never been something that has interested her. I do believe that it’s great way to meditate without actually meditating. I typically skip the more-introspective components of my yoga practice because I often take the time to tune out throughout the day — while I am gardening, for instance. In the height of summer, it takes a good hour to water my beds and borders, and that is often the most peaceful time of my entire day.

It might not be for everyone, but if you have any of the “indicators” I have mentioned in your own natal chart, gardening might also provide you with an alternative to traditional “therapy.” I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t able to deal with my issues in this manner. Counselling? Psychotherapy? Drugs?

Yeah, probably drugs . . .

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