I’m just a few days away from transiting Saturn making its final pass over this point in my chart. I won’t have to deal with this aspect again for another three decades. I can’t fucking wait for this to be over.

Star Struck Style

Saturn (source: The Independent)

I’ve had a bad week. Nothing bad has happened to me, but I’ve been annoyed by almost everything I encounter, so that makes it a bad week in my book. I might not be the most upbeat person in the world, but I’m not typically such a grouch.

I’m sure there is an astrological connection. Mercury turns retrograde later today while sitting on the axis formed by my natal Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. Wednesday’s eclipse was minutes away from my nodal axis. Saturn also started its retrograde cycle earlier this week just minutes away from my natal Venus.

The latter transit is the one that is going to linger the longest, so I decided to take a good look at it just a moment ago on astro.com. The passage that describes the transit is titled “Harsh Realizations.” And if the title wasn’t discouraging enough, the prediction itself…

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