Karen (source: Quora)

Mercury is slowing down in Aquarius, getting ready to turn retrograde this weekend. It’s within a degree of squaring stationary Uranus in Taurus, a planet which is about to go direct.

What this means is that a normally short-lived yet annoying aspect will have influence over us all for about a week. Anyone with planets or points 10°-11° in the fixed signs will be especially susceptible to this alignment.

Be careful to not make unrealistic demands at this time. I can imagine that there will be a lot of Karens out there asking to speak to the manager this weekend. Things are already rough in the retail world and the service industry due to COVID-related staff shortages, so behaving like a monster to the people who didn’t call in sick to work isn’t going to help. In fact, boorish behavior could backfire on those people who just can’t stop complaining. We’re all sick of this shit, Karen!

So don’t be that person whose face gets plastered all over the internet for all the wrong reasons. You have more to lose than to gain at the moment.

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