Star Struck Style

to_catch_a_thief1Grace Kelly (source: Wikipedia)

November 12 is Grace Kelly’s birthday.

I’m always skeptical when I look up a celebrity’s birth chart on a site like because I have no idea where they get their information. Grace Kelly’s chart, for instance, includes her time of birth as 5:31 AM. That not only gives her a Scorpio ascendant, but also a first house Scorpio sun, a first house Scorpio Mercury and a first house Scorpio Mars. Needless to say, if the birth time indicated is correct, she was a Scorpio’s Scorpio.

When I look at her, my skepticism is mitigated. Alfred Hitchcock even said “Grace Kelly’s apparent frigidity was like a mountain covered with snow, but the mountain was a volcano.” I can’t imagine a better image to describe the typical manifestation of Scorpio sexuality. Much is made of Scorpionic “passion,” but most of you hot-blooded Scorpions hide your passion behind a…

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