Polar Fleece Jacket (source: Coach)

Here’s a photo of my new jacket that’s currently en route to my home. I posted it the other day, and I’m posting it again because I can’t wait for it to get here.

I’ve always believed in the transformative power of fashion. I love having nice clothes that make me feel good about myself, either by simply making me look better, or by helping me to broadcast the image I would like to project to the world at large. I have Libra rising: my appearance in the eyes of others means a lot to me. I am a people pleaser.

So, with Venus squaring Chiron very early tomorrow morning, I’ve found myself impulsively clicking on practically every sponsored ad that pops up on my computer screen this morning. My need to look good in front of my “audience” seems almost pathological today.

It’s lucky for me that I’ve been able to resist the urge to buy things that I don’t need and can’t afford. I’ve developed some good habits over the past several months, especially with so much planetary action occurring in my fourth house; I believe that I can attribute this sense of caution when it comes to my resources with that part of my chart. I might not be “saving for a rainy day,” but I’m also confident that I’ve got the credit I need in the event of an emergency. I can tell you that there have been times in my life that I couldn’t say that with confidence.

Anyway, I should use the brief period while this aspect is influencing me to do the things that make me feel good about myself when I’m not wearing any clothes. I’m going to the gym very soon to teach a class, and I could probably spend a little time while I’m there lifting some weights. Then tomorrow I need to promise myself to do some yoga before I go to work. My day is always so much better when I do that for myself.

As for the rest of you, with every retailer on the planet getting ready for Black Friday, you’re probably going to be feeling the urge to do nice things for yourself that also help you to gloss over a problem that you’re not interested in acknowledging. A superficial fix might feel good for a moment, but it won’t provide you with a solution for what ails you. So, until Venus moves out of orb from this square to Chiron later this week, think twice before you click on those sponsored ads.

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