Undefeatable (source: IMDB)

I woke up this morning feeling undefeatable. That’s a real change for me. Sure, I have both the sun and Mars in my first house right now, and Jupiter has just turned direct on a degree that forms a tight trine to my natal Jupiter, but I don’t believe that any of those plum planetary positions explain just what has happened to my mindset.

Mercury’s shift into Aries in my progressed chart all of a sudden makes me feel like taking chances again. I can barely explain it, but it’s happening. Last night, I even had a conversation with an Aries confidante of mine that was remarkably frank and self-assured. When it was done, I said to myself “Where has that guy been for the last few years?”

Progressed Mercury moved into Pisces in my chart about eighteen years ago, right when my burgeoning writing career went to shit. Now that it’s moved on, I’m wondering if I allowed myself to adopt a self-defeating attitude during that time. It wasn’t all bad, but it sure wasn’t like the years that preceded it. Now with this sudden shift in my progressed horoscope, I’m feeling like I can’t be defeated. It’s so weird and so profound.

I did feel a big change when progressed Mercury moved from my fifth house to my sixth house (I use the Placidus system of house division, of course). My adaptability improved by leaps and bounds, and I made practical changes to my life that are still benefitting me to this day.

I wonder if anyone else feels these changes? I’ve been paying more attention to progressions in general since the aforementioned ingress caught my attention a couple of years ago. However, recent progressions of the moon in my chart haven’t been so noticeable despite my increased awareness of them. These Mercury progressions, on the other hand, have been something else!

This is a subject I need to explore because I don’t recall reading much about progressed Mercury. But because it is one of the swiftest-moving planets, there is probably a wealth of information out there that I just haven’t discovered yet. With progressed Mercury conjoining my descendant in a decade or so, I’m going to have plenty of time to find it before the next big event occurs.

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