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Despite all the warnings I’ve given myself to slow down over the past few weeks, I got out of bed this morning ready to dive head-first into a new chapter of my life. My progressed Mercury entered Aries this morning, making me eager to make some bold moves to fix what’s wrong with my life.

Still, today is also the day of the Mercury station, and while I was writing this post, WordPress actually malfunctioned and wouldn’t allow me to choose a category for my entry. I had to exit the program entirely, shut down Chrome, and then reopen my draft in order to continue writing. In all these years of blogging on this site, I don’t believe that has ever happened to me before.

Mercury stations are bad for things like that. People demonize Mercury’s retrograde phases, but the days of the stations themselves are far worse for communication breakdowns, travel delays and technical malfunctions.

For that reason, I believe that I should get me résumé in order, but I’m not going to send it in until I’m absolutely sure it’s ready. Sure, I could jump into the deep end right this moment, or I could compose myself and make sure that I’m absolutely ready to go.

Soon . . .

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