RuPaul’s Werk Room (source: World of Wonder)

One week from now, I’ll be boarding a plane to Las Vegas.

The sun formed a square to Pluto this morning, making me anxious and a little paranoid about my trip. Because my last trip was planned on the day that the world virtually shut down in 2020, I still have this feeling that everything will go wrong before I even get off the ground.

Curiously, the last time that I went to Vegas this time of year was the time that my friend had to cancel last minute, messing up my plans. Nevertheless, I had the best time! I won a pile of money the first morning in the casino and was able to really live it up as a result.

I hope this feeling passes because I should be feeling optimistic considering all the great things that are going on in my chart. I’ve been alluding to several astrological events that should improve my life for months now, and a couple of them occur tomorrow. Incidentally, a job opportunity that has my name written all over it has come up at my place of work, just when I thought that I would get lucky.

Hopefully, I’ll be lucky on my trip, too. Even if I’m not, I’m bound and determined to have a good time. I’ve already got plans to see “RuPaul’s Drag Race Live” at the Flamingo, and I’m going to visit the Werk Room to buy my mother one of those “CUNT” shirts in the photo. I’m kidding! I’m not going to buy that old cunt anything.

Anyway, I’ve only got seven more days to go. I think I can hold it together until then . . .

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