Joy Division (source: DaFont)

Venus enters my third house tomorrow. Except for a three-week period in December where it briefly dips into my fourth house before it begins its retrograde cycle, the planet will remain in my third house until the end of February. Whatever is about to happen, I suppose I should get used to it!

My horoscope is actually very encouraging. It is titled “The pleasures of life,” and it reads as follows:

“This influence has the effect of making your everyday surroundings and activities more pleasant and agreeable. Your social life often picks up at this time as you get together with friends and neighbors to have fun or simply socialize and talk. All your dealings with people in the everyday world will be pleasant and light. You will not want to discuss serious matters, because this influence makes one interested only in the pleasures of life. On a somewhat deeper level, this influence can provide an opportunity to discover that there is a considerable amount of love in your everyday life. You do not have to search for true affection. Many of us go through life without ever acknowledging the love that we encounter every day. This is a good time to let people know how much you love them.”

I can live with that! I’d be happy to be more pleasant and agreeable, although I haven’t been all that disagreeable lately. I’m trying to be less reactive with customers at work while I’m still wearing a mask so that I can train myself to have a better poker face when my mask eventually comes off. Perhaps this transit will help me with that.

I also hope that it lightens my mood while I’m in Las Vegas. The last time I was there, I felt a little “heavy” for no particular reason, like a kid who had listened to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” too many times.

Anyway, I’m feeling good about where this retrograde cycle of my ruling planet will occur in my chart, and the fact that Venus will form three separate conjunctions with my natal sun: one in November, one in January and one in February. I’ve had a lot of planets hovering in the darkest recesses of my horoscope over the past couple of years, but Venus should bring a little lightness to my circumstances as it visits the basement of my chart.

Words can barely describe how wonderful it is to look at my chart and see mostly good things in my immediate future. After the past couple of years — and some fairly joyless major transits — I deserve a break. I’m glad that the universe seems to agree!

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