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Yesterday afternoon I got the call to come back to work.

I’m glad that my first shift back will be this coming Monday: the day that the transiting sun conjoins my natal Jupiter. That bodes well for my future, and the same goes for tomorrow’s eclipse in my ninth house. I’ve been publishing posts for a while now where I have predicted that I’m overdue for some sort of promotion. Considering that the facility where I work has laid off practically everyone, it’s not really a stretch of the imagination to see an opportunity on the horizon. As we prepare to return to normal operations by September, we’re going to have to rebuild the management structure that was decimated by the COVID-19 shutdowns.

So, I’ll be there to pick up the pieces. If that doesn’t pan out, I’m sure that there will be plenty of opportunities on the horizon as the retail business attempts to put itself back together after the pandemic. I’m not too worried because almost all the indicators are pointing toward a return to more structure in my professional life.

Today, in fact, one of the major aspects occurring in my chart is exact: transiting Uranus sextile Saturn. “Astrodiesnt” offers the following prediction for this rare alignment:

“During this time you have the opportunity to make creative changes through a system. It can be any kind of system, such as your work, the government or other aspects of the social system, or it can be the ‘systems’ you have created in your personal world with your friends, family and loved ones. At other times you may feel that the system you are involved with gets in the way of your individual freedom and self-expression. But now the rules of the game afford you the chance to make whatever changes are necessary for your own personal growth.

In your work, this is an extremely favorable time because your superiors will be impressed by your innovative ideas. You may be rewarded with a higher position in that particular system. Both at work and in your life generally you are unusually willing to learn new techniques, and you have the discipline to master them.

You will work for change in the organizations you deal with, but you will not be satisfied with airy schemes that have little practical value. Instead you will try to achieve a carefully thought-out, rigorously planned course of action. Others will have no doubt about how your plans are to work. Consequently there is potential for much solid achievement under this influence.

All structures in your life serve two purposes. First, they eliminate chaos from your perception of the world so that you can deal with it more easily. But these structures also present a constant challenge to grow and change within them. If you do not accept the challenge, the structures in your life can become extremely limiting and deadening. Eventually this results in a crisis situation in which you must either strike out or die psychologically, if not literally. But this influence gives you the chance to make creative changes under relatively favorable conditions so that structures in your life do not become stifling. You should use this opportunity to ensure that you can always work within the structures of your life.”

That’s very encouraging considering all the bullshit I’ve been through over the past few years. What’s more is that this aspect will be in full effect through next April. Furthermore, Uranus’ ingress into my eighth house (something I’ve blogged about a few times already) occurs on the day that the gym where I work actually reopens to the public.

All signs are pointing toward positive changes. Professionally speaking, I feel as if the worst time of my life is finally behind me. I hope I’m right . . .

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    It’s so weird that this aspect is recurring today while I’m waiting to be interviewed for the job I essentially predicted I would be getting when I wrote this post back in June.


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