It’s so weird that this aspect is recurring today while I’m waiting to be interviewed for the job I essentially predicted I would be getting when I wrote this post back in June.

Star Struck Style

Back to Work (source:

Yesterday afternoon I got the call to come back to work.

I’m glad that my first shift back will be this coming Monday: the day that the transiting sun conjoins my natal Jupiter. That bodes well for my future, and the same goes for tomorrow’s eclipse in my ninth house. I’ve been publishing posts for a while now where I have predicted that I’m overdue for some sort of promotion. Considering that the facility where I work has laid off practically everyone, it’s not really a stretch of the imagination to see an opportunity on the horizon. As we prepare to return to normal operations by September, we’re going to have to rebuild the management structure that was decimated by the COVID-19 shutdowns.

So, I’ll be there to pick up the pieces. If that doesn’t pan out, I’m sure that there will be plenty…

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