Missoni Capricorn Cushion (source: Missoni)

As the world’s foremost expert on astrological style, and the guy who has actually published two books on how to dress according to your zodiac sign, I’m not sure why I am so obsessed with Missoni. I don’t even assign the label to my own sun sign in either of my books, although I do tell my fellow Capricorn natives that wearing recognizable brands that don’t rely on logos or labels is something that appeals to their innate snobbery. And what’s more recognizable than Missoni knitwear?

I do assign Missoni to Taurus in my books. Taurus is the ruler of my eighth house cusp: the part of my chart that would explain my “obsession.” Also, Angela Missoni herself shares my Capricorn sun/Cancer moon combination, so there has to be something there, too.

Regardless, I can’t get enough Missoni. The Mr. Porter Sale began this week and I ordered half-a-dozen pairs of Missoni socks to replace the pairs I’ve worn out. I looked at a few other items while I was shopping, but I don’t really need anything because I’ve been sitting at home for the last fifteen months with nowhere to go. But that didn’t stop me from visiting the Missoni website a moment ago where I discovered the new “Constellation” collection.

Now I am completely obsessed with this “Capricorn” cushion. There are two versions: I believe that one is printed and the other one features an embroidered patchwork design. The photo above shows the printed version.

I would love to own one of these. What I would love even more is to see these horoscope designs on Missoni T-shirts. I might not wear a lot of logos or labels, but I’m sitting at my computer writing this blog post in a shirt that says “CAPRICORN.” My Twitter handle is “Team Capricorn.” I’ve even considered getting a Capricorn tattoo. I know, right?

Anyway, I think I’m going to write Angela Missoni to suggest that these wonderful zodiac designs belong on items other than Missoni Home merchandise. I’d pay top dollar for a Missoni “Capricorno” shirt. I also know how many people in the fashion business are into astrology — I’ve worked for plenty of them!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an email to compose . . .

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