Cat in Sunshine (source: Daily Express)

Mars moves into Leo in just a few minutes from now. The red planet is moving through the signs swiftly at the moment. Nevertheless, it will remain in Leo until the end of July.

Mars is comfortable in Leo, like the cat warming basking in the sunshine in the photo above. “Cafe Astrology” offers this succinct description of the six-week transit:

“In Leo, Mars is proud, self-confident, and grand. We are spirited and have grand goals. We go after what we want in a direct, self-assured manner, desiring dramatic results. We prefer not to worry about details, and take the least complicated route to our goals. The sex drive is strong, and passion for life is high.”

What’s interesting is that many jurisdictions across North America are relaxing COVID-19 restrictions as I write this. It happened yesterday where I live and my social media accounts were flooded with people posting photos of themselves doing outgoing, gregarious things that they haven’t been able to do for months. We can expect a lot more of that energy to define the next few weeks.

Everything isn’t all warm and fuzzy, though. Mars will oppose Saturn and square Uranus soon, adding some major tension to the collective consciousness. On the bright side, I get the feeling that people are ready to fight. The headlines from the last few days have me believing that the majority of people are getting fed up with minority rule. I can see this T-square in the fixed signs causing a shift in power, but not before a power-grab makes a revolution necessary. I believe that this is going to be an eventful season, politically speaking. The last ten days of July look especially volatile to me.

I hope I’m right. I think we all could use a change.

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