MGM Grand (source: Bloomberg)

With this week’s eclipse in my ninth house, I decided to throw caution to the wind and I booked my plane ticket to Las Vegas in October. I’d already arranged my stay at the MGM Grand with a casino host, but I had been reluctant to book the flight because of COVID-19. Then I got an email the evening before the eclipse notifying me of a seat sale and a revamped cancellation policy in the event of a fourth wave. It seems like everyone is eager to get people traveling again.

Of course, I’m eager to go. I’m eager to do anything besides what I’ve been doing. I’ve got plans this afternoon to visit a friend’s house to give her some gardening advice. A week ago, I wasn’t even allowed to do that under the previous restrictions implemented by the government of the province where I live. Those restrictions were lifted this past Thursday.

Nevertheless, I’m still concerned that fate might somehow throw a wrench in my plans. I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to book travel with Mercury retrograde in my ninth house, but at least it wasn’t stationary. I also would avoid pushing my luck with Jupiter stationary in Pisces in my fifth house, but Jupiter isn’t really personalized in my horoscope. I sometimes expect it to have more obvious influence in my day-to-day life when its transits provide more of a “theme” to my current circumstances.

The one thing that I do need to pay attention to in my chart is Saturn which is stuck in Aquarius between my natal Venus and Mars conjunction. I suppose that its influence compelled me to read all the fine print on both my hotel and flight reservations before doing something rash with my money. It has also allowed me to hoard some cash well ahead of my trip. Anyone who knows me also knows how unusual it is for me to have money saved up for anything!

So, with 134 days to go until my trip, I still feel like my vacation is just around the corner, and I have a good feeling that everything is going to work out as planned — unlike the last trip I planned that just happened to coincide with the week the world shut down. The Canadian government still hasn’t opened the border yet, but I’m optimistic that there won’t be anything standing in my way this October. I took a leap of faith during a solar eclipse in my ninth house. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Don’t answer that . . .

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