I love this time of year! Every post I revisit seems to be a discussion of how great I feel when the sun moves into my fifth house and the sign of Pisces.

Star Struck Style

05205360655_11Fish Shirt (source: Eton)

Today is a fishy day. The sun moves into Pisces this afternoon, and later tonight Mercury conjoins Neptune in Pisces — the first of three such conjunctions between the two planets.

To celebrate, I’m going to wear my Eton fish shirt. The one in the photo is a reissue of the shirt that I own: the original Eton fish shirt. I suppose it’s a collector’s item now that the company is producing knock-offs from its own archive. The print on mine features bigger fish and my shirt doesn’t have a pocket. The current price for the new version is $285 USD. I got mine for a song, although I had to get my Pisces friend on the West Coast to pick it up for me in Bellingham, Washington, just across the Canadian/US border, because Saks didn’t ship to Canada back then.

Speaking of that Pisces…

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