Don Diamont (source: Sitcoms Online)

Here’s a photo of my fellow Capricorn, Don Diamont. The reason that I’m posting this photo is that I read that the actor is returning to Genoa City on “The Young and the Restless.” Of course, he won’t be returning as Brad Carlton, the role he played on the show, because Brad drowned years ago. He’ll be returning as Bill Spencer, a character he plays on the soap’s sister show, “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

I might tune in. I haven’t been watching Y&R regularly for several months now because it was getting boring. Over the last four decades, my interest in the show has waxed and waned like the moon. I was a big fan of Brad’s storylines with Lauren and Sheila, though. Oh, those were the days!

Another reason I might watch is that I am so fucking bored right now. I’m feeling both young and restless, and eager to get out of my house. Thankfully, the weather is going to cooperate with me just as I’m about to go crazy from being trapped inside during a pandemic.

Astrologically, I should have seen this coming. Mercury’s current retrograde cycle has it stuck on right on top of my natal Mars, making my mind go a mile-a-minute. On top of that, the sun entered my fifth house yesterday, contributing to the sense of vitality I’m feeling. I’m really in a different place than I was just a few days ago. I can feel the mental and physical energy building up inside of me. If I don’t find an outlet for this energy over the next few days, I’m going to blow my top.

Mercury goes direct in a couple of days. Because it picks speed quite quickly, the feeling as if nothing is happening fast enough for me should dissipate by this time next week. I need to be careful not to force any issues or to become impatient when other people don’t want to follow my timelines. My horoscope by Robert Hand offers me the following warning: “Often you will act defensively on issues that you have no real stake in at all.” It also connects this aspect to battles involving my ego, which probably is going to be even more problematic while the sun is in my fifth house.

So, I guess I should just mind my own business and find some creative ways to spend my time. Of course, I can blow off a ton of steam by working out so much that I can’t think straight. Maybe by the time Mercury gets moving again I’ll look like a young Don Diamont in my Speedo. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m looking more and more like a paunchy Bill Spencer every day . . .

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