Star Struck Style

GettyImages_689240060.0Jared Kushner (source: Vox)

January 10 is Jared Kushner’s birthday.

On Donald Trump Jr.’s birthday, I published a post titled “When Capricorns Suck.” I discussed many of the worst qualities of my sun sign, especially the connection between Capricorn and being a “user” of people. It was there that I mentioned that Eric Trump is also a Capricorn.

Well, surprise, surprise! Look who else is a Capricorn. What’s worse is that I discovered that Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is a Capricorn, too. He shares his birthday with Kushner.

So if it seems as if I’m on some sort of mission to spread alternative facts that paint a different picture of how Capricorns behave, it’s because I am. I don’t necessarily believe that we goats are widely misunderstood or mischaracterized by astrologers in the way that Aquarius natives are misunderstood (buy my book and read the Aquarius chapter…

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