Donald Trump (source: Vulture)

Mercury entered Aquarius yesterday morning. By the evening, it had crossed over the point in the zodiac where the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn occurred a couple of weeks ago. At about the same time, Twitter permanently banned Donald Trump from the social media platform. By the end of the night, both the Apple Store and Google Play had also dropped Parler, the Twitter wannabe that was quickly becoming the Wild West of crazed conspiracies and right-wing idiocy.

It’s a new age! We can probably expect a lot more of this in the next few weeks. Mercury is going to go retrograde in Aquarius, so it will be there longer than usual. Both the sun and Venus will join it soon, crossing over the same point and eventually forming conjunctions with the outer planets. The next few weeks are going to be eventful, to say the least.

Aquarius has been connected with electronic media since the invention of electronic media. It’s no surprise that these tech giants, including Facebook and Instagram, are suddenly realizing that they bear some responsibility for the lies being spread on their platforms. I wouldn’t be surprised if FOX News starts to tone down the rhetoric in the next few weeks now that an actual revolution occurred while their on-air personalities were adding fuel to the dumpster fire of the Trump presidency. They aren’t going to have any advertisers left if they don’t clean up their act soon.

This week proved to be an actual turning point. Personally, I made a comment on a friend’s Facebook page that invited an idiotic troll to chime in with her idiotic opinion. It took everything in me to not respond. I suggest that everyone else tries to keep most of their thoughts to themselves, too, especially when Mercury goes retrograde on January 31. Like a lot of the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol, leaving an online archive of your hate speech and thinly-veiled threats probably isn’t the most clever way to elude law enforcement in the future.

I’m actually quite optimistic about 2021 now that I know that most people want to use electronic media for the common good. This Age of Aquarius thing is already living up to its promise.

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