Capitol Riot (source: CTV News)

I could barely believe what I was reading yesterday when I came across statement after statement from prominent American Republicans suggesting that the Democrats look the other way after Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol. What really made me laugh out loud was that they kept using the word “healing” over and over again, as if their statements were coordinated in advance.

I’m quite sure that they were coordinated. Mercury met up with Saturn in Aquarius yesterday while the Republicans were trying to rehabilitate their reputations in the wake of a literal coup d’etat — a coup that the rest of us saw their leader planning for months. The sequel to that conjunction occurs tomorrow when Mercury meets up with Jupiter while Jupiter is forming a sextile with Chiron. The healing is going to begin, but it’s going to begin because actual progress will replace the status quo.

The need to move forward is going to include the desire for justice. Jupiter isn’t going to shrug his shoulders and forget what has happened, especially while he is controlling the narrative with both Mercury and Chiron on his side. Jupiter is often vengeful and petty — just read a bit of classical mythology and you’ll know exactly what I mean. What’s more, the planetary momentum is totally swinging away from the Saturnine establishment at the moment. The Democrats couldn’t have picked a better day to begin new impeachment proceedings.

I’m not sure that they’ll get anywhere fast, but a big, bold move will go much further to “heal” the nation than simply allowing the clock to run out on Trump’s presidency.

Anyway, it’s hilarious to me that the word I loathe the most when astrologers overuse it is now being adopted by the Republicans as a ploy to make the Democrats think twice about exacting revenge. I always want to tell astrologers who use the word “healing” to stop treating everyone and everything as if it’s broken. In this case, I’d like to tell the Republican Party that they don’t get to call for “healing” when the cure for what ails them is making Donald Trump pay for his crimes; he’s the one who broke the country.

It’s lucky for me and the rest of the civilized world that we’ve got the stars on our side. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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