Venus (source: Uffizi Gallery)

I just logged onto to take a look at my “Short Report Forecast” by Robert Hand. It’s a computer-generated overview of major transits that is available to anyone who creates a profile on the site. Every now and then, I click the feature to see which aspects the computer has decided to show me. Of the six cosmic events it is currently displaying, five are quite favorable. What’s more, the one that isn’t so positive is going to be quite short-lived.

However, the one major transit that I’m going to experience acutely this year isn’t even on the list! I don’t know how that happened, but obviously the computer program isn’t as sophisticated as I thought it was. In May, I have Saturn going stationary right on top of my natal Venus. The aspect is super close — only 18″ away from being exact, and I’m a Capricorn with a Libra ascendant, making this a very personal astrological event involving my two “ruling planets.”

Anyway, I should be worried about my love life, but since I don’t have one I’m not going to lose any sleep over this romance-killing conjunction. However, “Cafe Astrology” does suggest that transiting Saturn conjoining one’s natal Venus can impact several other areas of my life. This passage in particular got my attention:

“Questions of beauty, attractiveness, social charm and grace, and financial power can be themes now. You may no longer be comfortable with the ways you have employed charm or attractiveness in the past. You may become very self-critical in these areas. You no longer see yourself for what you want to see. This can all take place in your inner world, but for many, there is an external trigger in the form of an event or circumstance that changes your perception of things. Eventually, you will come to a point where you are more confident of how you go about attracting love, money, favors, and pleasure into your life, and this comes from arriving at truths and realities.

It’s a strong period for reassessing your spending habits. Financial stresses may be part of the picture now, leading to a more conservative, mature, and realistic approach to handling your finances.”

Although I probably should be more concerned with the second part of the forecast, the first part sort of scares me. I believe that I get away with a lot because I can be charming and personable. I don’t need Saturn to make me question my “beauty, attractiveness, social charm and grace.” I just spent the last couple of years with Saturn making me question my ability to communicate effectively.

Oh well! I’m typically the first person to tell everyone else that Saturn conjunctions are ultimately productive, so I should probably look at this as good news. Still, after the year I just had, I just want everything to be easier. Thankfully, as I mentioned already, I’ve got a lot of really good planetary alignments to look forward to in the not-too-distant future. My “Short Report Forecast” has reminded me of that. Maybe by this time next year, I’ll want to lead with the good news first . . .

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  1. Hi ! I have experienced Saturn conjunct my natal Venus ( in Capricorn) and for me my rose coloured glasses fel off so I could see who in my circle was for real and who wasn’t. I withdrew myself and wanted to spend more time alone to do serious thinking about friendships and relatives. This period I felt very alone sometimes, but it brought much clarity.

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