Mars (source: Italian Renaissance Art)

I’m all for delving into predictive techniques I’ve never tried before. However, in my experience, I’ve never really found any value in annual profections. I remember dabbling in the technique more than thirty years ago and quickly dismissing it in favor of good, old-fashioned transits.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter, so I know how fashionable Hellenistic astrology is at the moment. Still, I have enough experience dealing with my own horoscope to assess which prognostic methods work for me. Profections are way down on the list.

Take this past year, for example. I was in a “Mars” year. I had a conversation with a fellow astrologer shortly after my birthday where I claimed that I would keep an open mind in order to reassess the theme provided by the red planet. But rather than having a year where I was feeling any Martian influence, it felt like the opposite was happening. I was sleepy Mars from Botticelli’s “Venus and Mars” rather than the warrior Mars from mythology. And this was in a year when Mars spent several months in one of the signs over which it rules.

Sure, there were times when I felt like lashing out, but there are always times that I feel like lashing out.

Anyway, I can honestly say that what I noticed the most about 2020 (and what I discussed the most right here on this blog), was the constant influence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto as they hovered back and forth over my IC. Having these planetary heavyweights vacillating between my third and fourth Placidus houses only strengthened my beliefs in the superiority of that method of house division. This was a heavy year, not an angry year.

Maybe these other techniques work for you, but they don’t work for me. Somewhere on this blog, you’ll find a post where I discuss how long it took me to give up on Chinese astrology. After decades of studying my own horoscope, I believed that I’ve earned the right to give up on profections altogether, too. I’m not going to bother giving them any more of my time.

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