Home Haircut (source: Oprah)

Since I’m supposed to be a fashion astrologer, I need to remind myself to offer my readers some fashion advice occasionally. Today is as good a time as any because the sun is making its annual opposition with Neptune on a day when Jupiter is stationary in Capricorn.

Bad choices are in the stars for most of us! We’ve all got our heads in the clouds while simultaneously believing that a big change or a grand gesture might be the way to get our feet back on the ground.

This is absolutely not the weekend to do something drastic, like cutting your own bangs. Instead, use this auspicious time to meditate upon how the last few months have changed the way you choose to express yourself through fashion. Did the COVID-19 lockdowns cramp your style, or did they make you think twice about who you’re trying to impress when you get dressed? Did you spend the summer working out at home, or did you give up on fitness the day your gym closed down? Do you look better or worse since this all began, and do you care one way or another?

Over the next couple of weeks, it’s a good time to assess exactly how your self-image has been affected by the current cosmic circumstances. Once Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all get moving in Capricorn again, we’re all going to take a good, hard look at just how the “hierarchy” of fashion has changed in this unprecedented era. Some of us will be thrilled to let the world know that we’ve been cutting our own bangs for months. Others will attempt to return to a status quo that no longer exists.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when the London shows resume. As I’ve been predicting for months, we’re not going to be able to avoid a Grunge Era redux because of all the planets in Capricorn. On that note, maybe cutting your own bangs will become a trend. I seem to remember a lot of scraggly, bad hairstyles in the nineties . . .

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