Blog Reader (source: Daily Record)

The sun conjoins my natal Uranus tomorrow afternoon. I know that I look to this annual event as an opportunity to be surprised, but “Cafe Astrology” has an interesting interpretation of the aspect:

“A new personal cycle of independence, progressiveness, and change begins. You are more inclined to accept and appreciate all that is new, unusual, and avant garde. You have an opportunity to shine for what makes you unique. This transit gives a green light for matters concerning the media, computers, and metaphysical subjects. Restlessness and a need for change is indicated. You simply won’t stand for restrictions now! Your ego is awakened and you seek new ways to express yourself, as this is a time of self-discovery. There is a need to be creative and unique in your expression of self. This is usually a time to join with groups and/or to become a group leader. It’s also an easy time to make new friends. Sudden, unexpected events can happen out of the blue. You might find yourself thrust into new–perhaps thrilling–experiences. This can be a time when others notice a sparkle in your eye and find you endearingly clever and witty.”

Well, I already knew that my blog readers find me to be “endearingly clever and witty,” so that was no surprise. However, I’ve never read an interpretation of this conjunction that claims that it augurs a “new personal cycle.” Nevertheless, I’m going to run with that.

I feel good today. I feel more optimistic and personally-empowered than I’ve felt all summer long. I don’t know if it’s because of the change of weather (I love this time of year), or something else, but it just seems like a great time to put my best foot forward and to figure out how to salvage this bummer of a year.

Astrologically, this is a bizarre week with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in a virtual standstill. I suppose it’s even more bizarre that I’ve chosen this week to feel like it’s time to break free. Yet I can understand why this is happening to me. I have my natal Uranus in the eleventh house where it is personalized. The planet is a degree away from an exact conjunction with my natal Pluto, and on the same axis and my Pluto/Chiron opposition. My ascendant is in the Aquarius decan of Libra, which also emphasizes the Uranian influence in my horoscope.

I’ve always viewed Uranus as the zodiac’s contrarian, so I suppose that it makes sense that I’m advising everyone else to take a step back right now while simultaneously declaring my own intention to do the opposite. For that reason, I’m going to embrace this forecast and resolve to “accept and appreciate all that is new, unusual, and avant garde.”

How is Uranus influencing you right now? On second thought, forget I asked. I don’t really need to know anything about Uranus . . .

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