Kim Jones (source: CTV News)

Kim Jones is joining Fendi as the as creative director of haute couture, ready-to-wear and fur collections.

What’s interesting about this is that Kim Jones has the exact same sun/Mercury/Venus combination as Karl Lagerfeld, the late designer who joined Fendi in 1965.

Jones’ birthday is in two days from now. I would probably write a complete profile of the designer, but I can’t be sure of his moon sign or rising sign without an accurate time of birth. Odds are that he has an Aquarius moon, but if he was born very early in the morning, his moon would be in Pisces. That configuration would make his chart very similar to that of another man who completely revitalized an Italian house: Tom Ford.

If he does have a Pisces moon, that is a combination that I’ve discussed a million times on this blog as something that can lead to substance abuse — especially in creative types who take on a nearly-untenable workload. For his sake, I hope that he has an Aquarius moon, just because . . .

Anyway, I keep coming back to that sun/Mercury/Venus combination in practically every celebrity I discuss on this blog. With 180 different combinations possible, it provides a fairly accurate personality profile in a lot of instances. I keep telling myself that I should dive a little more deeply into the subject and figure out how to turn it into a writing project. With the weather turning colder in this part of the world, now might be the time.

Stay tuned . . .

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