Patience (source: Amazon)

This is the cover of George Michael’s “Patience” from 2004. I still listen to a couple of extended mixes of “Amazing” and “Flawless” all the time. I can’t believe how well they’ve stood the test of time.

Anyway, the reason that the word “patience” is on my mind is because Jupiter is turning direct later today. Currently, it is stationed 15″ away from being in an exact square from my ascendant. It doesn’t move out of orb from that aspect for another four weeks. So to say that this aspect has been providing a “theme” to my life for much of the late summer and early autumn is an understatement.

I wrote about this a few entries back in a post I called “Breakout.” Just to get a second opinion on the subject, I went looking around the internet for a few more interpretations. What I discovered is that there really is a silver lining to this tense aspect — a configuration that I would normally have considered to be quite negative if I hadn’t done my research.

A terrific website called “The Future Minders” offers the following advice:

“While this period of time will bring many opportunities for advancement and recognition, there are some cautions you should observe. Expansion is everything to you right now, and you tend to see a much bigger picture of the future than you normally do. Your optimism knows no bounds and you have a ‘more-is-better’ attitude, which may lead to over-extending your body and your resources as you plunge forward with little regard for limitation or monitoring your growth. You’ll be more restless when confined to a small space or a tight schedule and may be prompted to move or change jobs if your situation doesn’t allow you to grow. Watch the tendency to adopt a self-righteous attitude or make unfair or premature judgments about other people, and try to afford them the same personal freedom that you demand for yourself. You have more of a tendency toward self-indulgent or lazy behavior, but this energy is expansive and may also give you a larger waistline. Try to be patient during this time, and if you apply organization and discipline when expanding your business projects, you’ll find more satisfying results.”

I couldn’t imagine a more accurate description of how I’m feeling right now! In fact, right before I came here to publish my daily post, I emailed the HR department of the gym where I work to let them know that they either have to make an offer to keep me on or to officially let me go. I can’t imagine living in employment limbo during a Canadian winter when I’m already feeling this restless during a Canadian summer.

But if cultivating a little more patience is going to get me through the next few weeks, I guess that’s what I’m going to have to do. In the meantime, I’m going to keep exercising like a madman because I can’t stop eating everything in sight. Hopefully, when Jupiter finally moves out of this square, its only legacy won’t be a “larger waistline.” That’s the last thing I need!

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