Cross Purposes (source: Discogs)

It’s kind of a shitty day, astrologically speaking.

The sun opposed Jupiter a few hours ago. Mars just formed a conjunction with Chiron. The sun will oppose Pluto tomorrow morning. On top of all that, Mercury is barely moving after just going direct.

All of that means that it’s going to be easy argue due to misunderstandings over the next few days. What’s worse is that many of those arguments will be unintentionally contrary. However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t go for the jugular when things don’t go our way.

With the sun in Cancer opposite Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, the idea of speaking truth to power is going to be all-consuming. With Mars meeting Chiron in Aries, our first impulse will be to open up old wounds when we are confronted. Mercury’s station in Gemini means that many of these arguments will at cross-purposes. We might actually agree with one another, but we’ll be too busy defending ourselves to figure that out.

My advice is stick your head in a hole for a day or two. Avoid conflict like you would avoid an American tourist with a dry cough in the era of the Coronavirus. In a few days from now, everything is going to seem just a little nicer . . .

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