Alberta Summer (source: Grainews)

Mercury went direct yesterday. Venus went direct in late June. That means that both planets are traveling fairly far behind the sun at the moment. The last time the summer sky looked something like this was in 2014. However, in the summer of 2014, Mars was in Libra (not Aries) and Jupiter was in Cancer (not Capricorn). For that reason, I can confidently say that we haven’t seen a summer quite like this one for quite some time.

Astrologically, that’s true of any given season. Still, I like to look at where the sun, Mercury and Venus are in my chart and assess how those transits affect my moods. With a limited combination of placements (because of the proximity of Mercury and Venus to the sun), this view of the sky provides someone like me with a relatively simple body of evidence to study. I can figure out where those planets are situated in relation to one another and compare my state of mind to previous periods when the three heavenly bodies were in similar positions.

What’s interesting about the 2014 sky is that I had Jupiter in my tenth house and Mars in my first house. Professionally, things were going great for me. I had tons of money and the feeling that my job was absolutely secure. That’s quite the opposite of how I’m doing right now. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I’ve been laid off due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. I’m not destitute because I’m collecting unemployment insurance, but I certainly feel as if I’m at a low point professionally. I’ve had a difficult relationship with my own sense of ambition for quite some time.

Yet I feel confident in my ability to bounce back from this crisis. Even with almost nothing to do, I’m starting to feel optimistic about my future. In a few days from now, the sun will move into my tenth house. A few days after that, Venus will move into my ninth house. Generally, those ingresses seem to elevate my mood. I’m looking forward to taking in the best of what a prairie summer can offer me, and I’m grateful that this pandemic is happening at the height of summer instead of the dead of winter. I’d really be going crazy if that were the case.

So, for now, I’m just going to do my best to enjoy the rest of the season. Walking outside and seeing these yellow canola fields, smelling clover blooming and listening to bees buzzing is good for my soul — just as good as making money.

It might not be a redux of the summer of 2014, but it will do . . .

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