Back then I wouldn’t have baked Aries a cake, but today it’s the Geminis that I would refuse. How about you?

Star Struck Style

2017 Well Done - Zodiac CakeCake (source: My Recipes)

Get a load of this cake! Of course, the Taurus piece is gone first and they took a big enough slice that the Gemini piece is gone, too.

Anyway, I was just reading the morning news online (which always consists of a lot of bullshit, courtesy of American politics), and I got to thinking about the topic of discrimination. I was wondering what I would do if someone ever decided to refuse me service because I’m an astrologer. To be honest, I don’t believe that I would find myself in that situation because I make a point of avoiding doing business with assholes — the list of companies I already boycott grows longer every day.

But it could happen. I could also be the one doing the discriminating. For instance, I could refuse to serve Evangelical Christians at my place of work. I have my reasons!…

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