Joan Smalls (source: Page Six)

July 11 is Joan Smalls’ birthday.

Whoever said “the best people have the worst charts” wasn’t kidding. The last time I thought about that adage was when I was writing about Dolly Parton’s horoscope. Today I clicked on Joan Smalls’ natal chart and found myself thinking the same thing. How was the most beautiful woman in the whole world (and one of the nicest ones, too) born under such star-crossed aspects?

On the day she was born, retrograde Saturn and Uranus were just minutes apart at approximately 28° Sagittarius, squaring Mars at about 29° Pisces and opposing Mercury at about 29° Gemini. It’s a remarkably tight T-square — like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Unfortunately, I don’t have a time of birth to figure out exactly where these planets reside. However, with Mercury in Gemini alongside the moon and Venus, I can see the importance of that planet in her chart.

I suppose that it’s a good thing that Joan Smalls is continuing to use her voice to bring attention to the issue of discrimination in the fashion business. If I had a time of birth to calculate the houses, I could probably offer her a word of advice to let her know the best direction for her to follow in order to keep up the good work. The one big problem that I can see in the model’s future is that this T-square in the mutable signs will likely result in some misdirection — following a future career path that may not provide her with the best platform to use her voice.

Without a time of birth, however, that’s just speculation. I could probably do a better job of predicting her future if she would just let me know what time she was born.

Call me, Joan . . .

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