Pluto (source: NY Post)

Pluto moved back into my third house this morning where it will remain until late December. This is Pluto’s last stand in my third house.

Pluto actually entered my third house just as I began to experience success as a writer. Vacillating back and forth over my third house cusp throughout 2001-2002, the planet was a big part of my “transformation” from a regular Joe to a D-list celebrity astrologer. Once Pluto permanently entered my third house, I actually had to pick and choose the work I did because I was in demand with so many publishers. My exclusive contract at Condé Nast was both the pinnacle of my writing career and the reason I gave up on trying to be famous. But that’s a story for another post . . .

What I would like to discuss right now is the infrequency of Pluto’s ingresses and the importance of those shifts from house to house. Pluto has an elliptical orbit. That means that the amount of time it spends in a single sign of the zodiac varies. Because of its distance from the sun, it also seems to inch forward before nearly retracing its steps during its retrograde cycles. So, when it finally crosses a house cusp, it does a little dance, back and forth over the boundary. That’s what I’ve been dealing with for the last several months.

Normally, a Pluto ingress is something that an astrologer would use to create a secondary “theme” for a year or two: the planet shouldn’t be personalized in the horoscope unless certain circumstances demand that it is personalized. I first looked at Pluto in that manner when attempting to interpret its shift in my own horoscope. All the same, I was born during a rather spectacular configuration between the outer planets in 1966 that is currently being activated by a Neptune transit. That transit has made this year’s secondary “theme” into the primary plot line of my life. From the feedback that I get on this blog, I suspect that many people of my generation are feeling the same way. Only most of those people are probably not dealing with Pluto conjoining one of the angles of their charts.

What this has meant for me (and what this will continue to mean for me for a few more months), is that the depth of my self-exploration will also continue. I’m currently figuring out things about myself and my motivations that should allow me to achieve a greater deal of success as Pluto begins to move back up toward the apex of my chart. Most importantly, I believe that I have finally begun to wrap my head around the idea that I am responsible for the self-sabotage that has defined my professional life in general. I could go on all day about these discoveries, but even I sometimes get sick of talking about myself.

What a Pluto ingress can mean for you can be just as enlightening, but you need to be aware that the sort of transformation Pluto offers doesn’t happen overnight. If you have been reading my blog, I’ve been dealing with this shit for the past few years. The phrase I always like to use when describing Pluto transits is “a glacial pace” Like a glacier, Pluto moves slowly, but it eventually transforms the landscape, leaving something that is barely recognizable in its wake.

I am beginning to feel as if I’ve transformed on a personal level. Sure, it’s taken a while, but I finally feel as if I’m starting to understand why I do the things I do at the ripe, old age of fifty-four. I guess it’s good for me that I still have a few years left on this planet to put these lessons into practice.

Thanks, Pluto!

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