Mars Curiosity Rover (source: NASA)

I didn’t blog at all yesterday. I was upset for allowing myself to see the best in someone who proved to be the worst. I went out into the garden to force myself to get my head into a different head space. It worked so well that I forgot to come back.

It’s kind of nice to be able to get away like that. Starting tomorrow, I should find it much easier to get into a different head space. Mercury moves into my ninth house where it will remain through early August. The interpretation for this transit on astro.com reads as follows:

“This is a good time for any kind of study and education, because you are intellectually eager for knowledge and new experiences. You want to take a larger view of life in order to see how the various parts fit together to make up the whole. Any new and interesting phenomenon from a world outside your own is likely to attract your attention at this time. Subjects relating to foreign places, the law, philosophy or higher knowledge of any kind will engage your attention. It is possible that you may have some dealings with officials connected with the law, although you should not fear this possibility particularly. It is a good time to travel, because your curiosity makes travel very interesting to you. You are also quite open to alternative lifestyles at this time.”

I’ll be happy to have my curiosity piqued because that’s one thing that has been missing in my life since the COVID-19 lockdowns began. I feel as if I’ve been forcing myself to rove around rather than embracing the opportunity to be out and about. It would be nice to feel as if intellectual curiosity was my driving force for a few weeks.

More importantly, I need to move forward and forget about the sort of people who inhabit the same planet as me while living in a world all their own. I can’t allow myself to be upset when others choose to embrace another reality. Unless their choices affect me personally, it’s really none of my business what they believe. And vice versa . . .

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