Behati Prinsloo (source: Listal)

May 16 is Behati Prinsloo’s birthday.

My fondness for Behati Prinsloo goes way back. I was quite defensive of her when she was still a kid and the fashion industry was especially cruel and abusive toward her. I’m surprised that she didn’t turn her back on the biz and just walk away.

I’m also surprised when I look at her natal chart and I see that she has just the sun in Taurus. I was expecting to see a stellium in the sign that might account for her tenacity. Instead, I discovered retrograde Mercury nearly exactly conjunct her Venus in Gemini, and Jupiter in the same sign. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all in Capricorn, and Mars sits on the opposite side of the zodiac in Cancer. It’s a weird chart that excites me because I want to figure it all out.

However, without a time of birth, it’s also a rather futile exercise to delve any deeper into Behati Prinsloo’s horoscope. I can speculate; I do it all the time. Still, in this case every scenario I come up with regarding a rising sign just confuses me even more. There are so many contradictory placements in her chart!

So, I’ll just leave it alone for now. Every now and then I revisit one of these blog posts and then find out a reliable site like Astrotheme has acquired an accurate time of birth. Maybe I’ll be able to take a deep dive into this chart in the future. Here’s hoping!

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