Cheerleaders (source: Twitter)

I’m sort of a cheerleader for the Placidus house system. I know a lot of other astrologers are using whole sign houses nowadays, but I’m not convinced of the superiority of that system.

In about six weeks, Mars is going to move into Aries where it will get almost to the final degree of the sign before it turns retrograde and backtracks significantly. Between now and then, I’ll be provided with the opportunity to once again evaluate how Mars’ transits through my fifth, sixth and seventh houses affect me, and how the timing of the transits — both direct and retrograde — correspond with my energy levels and how I choose to apply that energy.

I have an interesting cusp layout that will make this period of self-evaluation a little more obvious considering where Mars will station (just a couple of degrees away from my descendant). It’s going to be an illuminating experience.

The reason that I’m still eager to consider whole sign houses at all is because I really do respect the work of a lot of astrologers who use the system. Nevertheless, I’ve dismissed the system numerous times on this blog because I’ve been an astrologer for three decades and I’ve seen the Placidus system work over and over and over again. Also, I know I don’t have a fourth house sun. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a fourth house sun.

I’m already sure that my confirmation bias will play an important part in the conclusions that I derive from my observations; I’m not blind to my own prejudices. Nevertheless, I’m always willing to admit that I don’t know everything. The rest of you c***s should do the same. I’m kidding . . . sort of!

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