Trump & Pelosi (source: ABC News)

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi noted that Donald Trump is “morbidly obese” during an interview with CNN. Twitter erupted moments later with people both condemning and defending Pelosi’s “observation.”

To be honest, I have no problem with anyone using Donald Trump’s own weapons against him. You don’t kill a bully with kindness.

Nevertheless, I do have to admit that watching Aries and Gemini natives fight with one another can be hilarious. Aries individuals always have to get in the last word, and if they’re as clever as Nancy Pelosi, that last word is often deadly. Gemini individuals are capable of fighting back, but rarely consider their words carefully enough to make them count. They just keep throwing punches until one lands.

We can expect more of these well-publicized brawls once the sun enters Gemini tomorrow. Geminis will feel emboldened with the sun, Mercury and Venus in their sign, and Aries natives will feel loquacious with the same three planets transiting their solar third house of communication. Over the next ten days or so, things are going to get even uglier.

It’s a good time to be a Canadian . . .

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