20/20 (source: Twitter)

Yesterday, a friend asked me what’s up with 2020 from an astrological perspective. So, here it goes . . .

2020 started off with what is considered to be one of the most profound generational aspects that any of us will live through: the dreaded Saturn/Pluto conjunction. We astrologers were all over that event. If you scroll back through my blog, you’ll see that I’ve been talking about if forever. In fact, it was the event that made me predict the current worldwide financial crisis. I may not have predicted the pandemic that preceded the collapse, but I’ve been shouting recession warnings from the rooftops for quite some time.

I also wrote some seriously depressing 2020 horoscopes for a few of the zodiac signs, and a preface to those horoscopes that reads as follows:

“A conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn occurs on January 12. After that, we have to wait until December 21 for another “generational” aspect: the so-called “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

Of course, there are plenty of other things going on in the sky throughout the year (including a Mars retrograde cycle in Aries), but those are the big events that have many of my fellow astrologers sounding the alarm. I’m not so worried, though, because I’m not only a Capricorn who appreciates the slow and steady pace that Saturn brings when it transits the signs over which it rules, but I’m also an old goat who has been through this before. In fact, I think I’ve been through worse. 1990, the stellium in Capricorn was punctuated by a Jupiter/Saturn opposition on the critical degree where the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is happening in just a few days from now.

Looking back, it was a significant time in my history where I worked hard to lay down the foundation for the life I have today. Perhaps that is the way we need to think of this current cycle. If the planet Saturn can teach us anything, it’s that two steps forward and one step back still equals progress. Let that be your mantra for 2020, regardless of your zodiac sign.”

Now you can see that I wasn’t all that worried about what 2020 would bring me because I can deal with a slowdown. But a lot of people can’t take any disruptions to their schedules, and with all this planetary bullshit occurring in Capricorn, we are all being forced to understand that we can’t always dictate the pace. Sometimes the universe has different plans for us.

Some people can live with that, while others can’t. Of course, it was a Gemini friend who asked me the question that inspired this blog post. Of all the creatures of the zodiac, Gemini individuals have the most difficult time dealing with Saturn’s snail-like crawl. With Saturn just turning retrograde again and preparing to reenter Capricorn, the forecast will be grim for both Geminis and non-Geminis who cannot comprehend that there are bigger issues at play than their freedom to do whatever they were doing before.

The restrictive nature of these current planetary alignments begins to abate just before the end of the year. Until then, just remember that everyone was talking about how terrible 2019 was before 2020 arrived. It’s human nature to focus on the worst. For most of us, things really aren’t that bad. They’re just different, that’s all . . .

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