Heidi (source: Fandom)

A couple of days ago, I referred to Scorpio as “the most underperforming of all the zodiac signs” on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” While I do believe that, Scorpios aren’t alone in being terrible “Drag Race” contestants.

If I include the winners of the four “All Stars” seasons, every zodiac sign has taken the crown at least once except for Aries, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn. If I include Season 1 of the UK version of the show, I can eliminate Aries from the loser’s list.

That leaves just three signs pulling up the rear. Scorpios still have done the worst, but to be fair, very few of them have actually competed on the show. Capricorns haven’t fared much better, but a couple of them have redeemed themselves in “All Stars” seasons, becoming quite legendary in the process.

Libra natives have performed a little better, especially in the Miss Congeniality category, but no Libra has won the competition. BenDeLaCreme came close in “All Stars” Season 3. However, along with her fellow Libra Adore Delano, Ben became the only contestant to self-eliminate in “Drag Race” herstory.

Whether or not they’ll admit to it, a few other Libra natives have given up in the middle of a season. Either they seem to lack a competitive spirit, like Chi Chi Devayne or Jasmine Masters, or they begin to feel outclassed midway through the competition, like Vanessa Vanjie Mateo or Roxxxy Andrews. And some are just there to learn for themselves why it is annoying to be a passive/aggressive asshole, like Phi Phi O’Hara and Alexis Michelle.

It doesn’t surprise me that Heidi is a Libra because she seems to fit so well into the “Chi Chi Devayne” category of “Drag Race” contestants. She has the Libra charm that is going to make her a fan favorite, and the skills that could take her to the top, but I’m not sure that the drive is there — and that’s okay. Not everyone needs to win to feel validated. I get it. Libra is my rising sign and I often leave people wondering how I “choose my battles.” I might like to feel like a winner, but I don’t lose sleep when other people can’t envision me coming out on top.

That doesn’t mean that Libra natives are always going to be “Drag Race” disasters, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a Scorpio native or a Capricorn queen wins before a Libra contestant takes home the crown. If past performance is any indication of future success, it’s just not in their stars.

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