French Vogue (source: Voguegraphy)

This might be my favorite fashion magazine cover of all time. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost twenty-five years old.

Anyway, the reason that I was thinking about this image is that I’ve got the transiting sun opposing my natal Neptune tomorrow just a couple of hours before Mars makes a move into my fifth house.

What that means is that I’m going to have a hard time knowing who I really am for a couple of days while feeling emboldened to show the world who I really am.

The good thing about these competing events in my horoscope is that the aspect between the sun and Neptune is short lived: it only lasts a couple of days. The Mars transit of my fifth house, however, will affect me for a few weeks. Right up to the end of June I should be feeling emboldened creatively and eager to share my ideas with the world.

I hope that’s what it does. With so many planets in my fourth house, I’ve been feeling quite insular and introspective. That’s all well and good, but I really should be trying to get a creative project off the ground while I have so much time on my hands. Maybe Mars in the fifth house will give me the boost I need to follow through with one of my fabulous ideas.

I guess I’ll know in a few days. I’m not going to make any big moves in any particular direction until this Neptune opposition separates. While it is close, I cannot trust that I will be seeing myself clearly. Like Nadja Auermann in the photo above, I may have a rather romanticized idea of who I am when I look in the mirror.

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