Shingles (source: The Spruce)

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday because I was a mess. I had a bad headache when I left work on Thursday evening and it got progressively worse. By the time I went to bed, I was alternating between bouts of sweating like a pig and feeling as if I was freezing to death.

A few days before that, the back of my left thigh started to get really itchy. I thought that I had picked up some fungal infection at the gym and I had already planned to stop at the drug store to get something to treat it. I also had my sciatic neuralgia return to the same hip and thigh, but I couldn’t think of what I might have done to aggravate my old disc herniation: the actual source of that pain.

Well, I guess that I didn’t do anything at all — except for catching chicken pox as a kid. I have shingles: the second-coming of the virus that causes chicken pox. I guess that it lays dormant in your nervous system before deciding to flare up again. Most people get it on the back or the torso. Mine must have inflamed my sciatic nerve before traveling to my butt cheek and the back of my thigh.

I feel better this morning because the fever is gone. The headache is still there, only it’s not nearly as bad as it was. The rash is now the issue. It really is painful, although taking Ibuprofen seems to help. I might actually be lucky to have it on my thigh because the skin back there isn’t as sensitive as it is on the places where the rash typically occurs.

Nevertheless, I have to call in sick at work for the second day in a row because I’m contagious. I’m supposed to stay away from places where unvaccinated babies and children go for a few more days because I can give them the chickenpox virus.

I did have a look at my natal chart transits to see if there was anything significant going on in the sky that would point toward a medical issue. A week ago, when my back pain started to flare up, the sun was conjunct my natal Mars. Curiously, the very first astrology article I looked at online regarding shingles listed that aspect as a trigger. I also have transiting Chiron square my natal moon. The traditional interpretation of that aspect is “opening up old wounds.” It’s not much of a stretch to make a parallel between that interpretation and the return of a childhood disease.

There are experts who devote their practice to medical astrology. I’m glad that the first one I looked up knew what he was talking about. Too many of them just seem like charlatans to me. I guess that they’re no different from other astrologers . . .

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