Erin O’Connor (source: Campaign)

February 9 is Erin O’Connor’s birthday.

As with most supermodels, I can pinpoint the exact moment when I saw Erin O’Connor gracing the pages of a fashion magazine for the first time. I was at this shopping center called Westmount. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing there because the mall was well past its prime, but I do remember wandering into a small bookstore and leafing through a copy of “Harper’s Bazaar.” That was where I saw this young woman with the most incredible profile. She reminded me of Anjelica Houston, and I immediately became a fan.

In “Star Struck Style,” I discuss three different kinds of Aquarius natives I typically observe in everyday life. Erin O’Connor appears to be the Saturnian type. I say that because I follow her on Instagram and she is remarkably normal.

Her horoscope reveals a very-Aquarian character with the sun, Mercury and Venus all in the same sign. Even without a time of birth, I can confirm that her natal moon is in Pisces. Her natal Saturn in Leo is in mutual reception to her sun sign. Both planets are in their detriment, so unless they inhabit the houses over which they rule, I wouldn’t personalize the configuration.

Nothing else really stands out in her chart except for her fairly close opposition of Venus and Saturn (it’s less than three degrees). I keep seeing tense Venus/Saturn aspects in the charts of people who are remarkably creative, and it makes me question why those aspects have traditionally been interpreted as something that could inhibit creativity or self-expression.

Every time I note this phenomenon on this blog, I declare that I’m going to look into it, and then I don’t. So, just a moment ago, I decided to punch it into the search tool on astrotheme.com. On the first page of the search results alone I identified several individuals whose problems with substance abuse became a big part of their legacy, including Heath Ledger and Jimi Hendrix.

Now that just complicates everything! Back to the drawing board . . .

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