M Missoni (source: Vogue)

I have an obsession with Missoni, the Italian brand, so I don’t know how I missed this!

Missoni recently bought back it’s license for M Missoni, its secondary brand. While I was familiar with M Missoni (there’s a store in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas), I didn’t really pay much attention to it because they only sold womenswear. Just a moment ago, I read that the brand is producing the M Missoni line in sizes from XS to XXL in order to make it a gender-neutral brand.

That’s terrible news for me because I really don’t need any more clothes. Still, I have this problem when I’m around anything with the Missoni name on it, and I often can’t stop myself from buying anything and everything I get my hands on.

That doesn’t mean that I’m going to pick up some M Missoni leggings on my upcoming trip to Las Vegas; I know my own sense of style and I know it’s not “leggings.” Nevertheless, sometimes a lack of impulse-control gets the best of me. I just bought myself a Missoni signature fragrance set that I really didn’t need. The fact that it smells heavenly on me is besides the point.

Anyway, since discovering that Angela Missoni shares my sun/moon/Venus combo, I’m starting to understand the root cause of my obsession. Astrologically, we’re peas in a pod.

I guess I just have to admit that it’s my destiny to wear Missoni. The stars have spoken.

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