Clarity (source: medium.com)

Neptune goes direct today. It’s retrograde phase began in late June, and it will not leave its retrograde shadow until the middle of March.

The planet is currently in Pisces, the sign over which it rules, so its power over society’s collective confusion at the moment cannot be understated. It also went retrograde at a degree that opposes the great Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo of 1965/66. I know this because I was born at that time. Many people of my generation should be feeling the effects of this opposition, wondering how we got to a place where people choose to believe whatever they want to believe. Just this morning, I was reading about the “War on Thanksgiving.” I never thought that I would find myself living in a world where over-privileged, rich, white Americans would spend their days claiming that they are a persecuted minority, but self-martyrdom is a Pisces thing and Neptune in the sign is enabling their delusions.

Anyway, this little dance between Neptune and this crucial degree is going to continue for some time. Nevertheless, now that the planet is going direct, some clarity should begin to return to those people who have been perpetuating this fantasy that they are an oppressed minority. Expect some major reality checks to occur over the next few months. When Jupiter enters Capricorn next week, our collective focus will begin to return — and we’re not going to like what we see.

The people of my generation who were born during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction will either lead us out of this mess or lure us deeper into the abyss. Try to see people for who they really are in the upcoming year and don’t trust anyone who tries to convince you that you are the victim when you know in your heart that you’re not. There are people in the world with real problems. If you are well-educated enough to be reading this on an electronic device that you paid for with your own money, using Wi-Fi that you haven’t stolen, be thankful for what you’ve got and stop being an asshole. Despite the current confusion, we still can see you for what you are.

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