Vivienne Tam (source:

November 28 is Vivienne Tam’s birthday.

I think the world of Vivienne Tam. I believe that she is one of the most underrated designers working in America today. Of course, I can back up that assertion. Even though her label is based in New York, she doesn’t even have an American store at the moment. However, she has more than three-dozen stores in Asia.

One of the most Sagittarius-like things about the designer is that she is able to craft an eponymous line that pays homage to her Chinese heritage, and yet nothing about the clothing she creates resembles national costumes. In that respect, she is able bridge the culture gap while providing her customers with genuinely wearable, contemporary fashion.

The most memorable garment she ever created is even the permanent collection of museums. The “Chairman Mao” dress is an icon of fashion design, and for all the political baggage it carried at the time that it was made, Tam’s motives in creating the dress was apolitical. She said that she wanted to “loosen up” the work of the artist Zhang Hongtu, whose artwork appears on the dress — a Sagittarian sentiment if I’ve ever heard one.

Tam’s natal chart seems quite unremarkable to me, but I don’t have a time of birth to put anything into context. She does have an Aquarius moon, and along with her Sagittarius sun, I suspect that she is quite the individual. Her natal Mars is strongly-placed in Scorpio, so along with the other factors I just mentioned, it is likely that she is quite self-assured and rather self-satisfied. I wouldn’t expect someone with that layout to do anything but march to the beat of her own drum.

But I really don’t know anything about Vivienne Tam personally, so I have no idea how accurate I am when I attempt to interpret her horoscope. I do know that with Saturn in the same sign as her sun, she probably masks her exuberance behind a rather measured facade. Thankfully, her joie de vivre is evident in the clothing that she designs. She really is something, and it is nice to know that she is appreciated in Asia. America doesn’t even know what it’s missing in Vivienne Tam.

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