As true today as it was two years ago when I first posted it.

Star Struck Style

hero-cheese-5-2016Cheeses (source: Wisconsin Cheese)

As an astrologer, I often feel as if I am doing the work of a higher cosmic power. Only someone with a blessed mind like mine could wrap his head around such a profound, lofty topic. I suppose that’s why I feel as if I need to share my gifts with you. That’s me — I live to give.

Anyway, here’s a brief list of the zodiac signs as cheeses. You can thank me in the comments section.


560905642815524Cheddar (source:

You’re a bold one, Aries, with a self-assured character that only gets stronger with age. Unfortunately, most of us also know you as a rather juvenile individual who likes to overpower his or her competitors. Despite your independent nature, you pair up with others well.


560384823240716Mozzarella (source:

Known for your tenacity, you reliably spring back when stretched to your limits…

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