Kathy Griffin (source: CNBC)

November 4 is Kathy Griffin’s birthday.

I’m so glad that I looked up Kathy Griffin’s natal chart. She’s been through it in the Age of Trump, and I can see why. Her natal Saturn is at 13°46″ Capricorn, so essentially she was about to go through her second Saturn return when her career was derailed because of the infamous “beheading” video. Instead of allowing that incident to ruin her career, she got back on track, essentially rebuilding her reputation from rock bottom.

Throughout 2019, I’ve used the words “rock bottom” to describe how I’ve felt when discussing my career prospects. I attributed that feeling to Saturn’s proximity to my natal sun. Like Kathy Griffin, I’ve had Saturn lingering at a crucial point in my chart. While she was experiencing the effects of transiting Saturn conjoining her natal Saturn in her third house over the past couple of years, I was experiencing Saturn conjoining my natal sun in the third house not long after Saturn began to ease up on her.

The event definitely damaged Griffin’s career as a loudmouth with the house of communication highlighted in her horoscope. But in true Saturnine style, she found a way to reclaim her voice and regain her momentum. Just the other day, I blogged about feeling as if I’m struggling to get out from underneath a figurative wet blanket. Sure, my so-called “career” wasn’t affected in such a dramatic fashion as Kathy Griffin’s (Saturn conjunct Saturn), by my creativity certainly was (Saturn conjunct sun).

Yet through all of this, I haven’t felt defeated. I actually feel rather empowered because I know that I’m so much better than my current state of affairs would indicate. Instead of spending my time wondering if I was ever going to get another writing job, I went back through my archives and read everything I’ve written for the past few years. I’m good at this stuff. I don’t know why I doubt myself, and I don’t know why I listen to criticism from assholes that I don’t respect. Why do I let their voices get into my head?

I know that Kathy Griffin had to do the same thing, and to know that she made it through her ordeal without becoming a complete train wreck makes me believe that I’ll get through this, too. Maybe by the time I undergo my actual Saturn return in a few years from now, I’ll already be back on track.

From this day forward, it’s full steam ahead . . .

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