Missoni Blanket (source: Yoox)

Today is the day that Saturn makes its final conjunction with my sun before it moves onward. I won’t have to experience its “wet blanket” effect on me again for another twenty-nine years or so.

Needless to say, it’s going to feel great to throw off this wet blanket. The worst thing about the aspect is that I have been creatively impaired. I just don’t feel like expressing myself. I haven’t been writing. My ambition is at an all-time low. I can’t find anything to be passionate about. The “Big Brother Canada” casting team came to town and I didn’t even bother attending the tryouts. I know, right?

Despite all that, I actually feel good. Even with this wet blanket on me, I feel strong enough to shake it off. In fact, yesterday I had a terrific day that restored my faith in my own good timing: a very Saturnine quality. If there has been anything wrong with my life over the past fourteen years or so since Saturn opposed my natal sun, it has been bad timing. I can’t complain about much because I believe that I am a lucky guy in general. Nevertheless, watching shitty people fail upward for the last several years has been tough on me, and that feeling has only become more damaging on my psyche in the Age of Donald Trump.

But all that will be over once Saturn begins moving away from my natal sun. The practical changes I’ve made to my life over the past few years are going to start getting me somewhere. If there is a lesson that we can learn from Saturn’s transits, it’s this: patience is a virtue. Also: don’t get your wool blankets wet because it’s almost impossible to crawl out from underneath them.

Almost, but not quite . . .

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