Boy George (source: Bravo)

June 14 is Boy George’s birthday.

I’ve included Boy George in my “Real Housewives Astrology” category because he is an unofficial “housewife” on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” He’s taken the spot vacated by former Gemini cast members Taylor Armstrong and Eileen Davidson.

Curiously, Boy George shares three of the major planetary placements that I discussed yesterday in my post about Stephanie Hollman. His sun is in Gemini, but his moon and Mercury are both next door in Cancer.

While I was not able to confirm Stephanie Hollman’s time of birth (or even the date, to be honest), George has a fully-constructed natal chart available on If all of the birth data is correct, he also has a moon that is within a degree of my mine.

I find that interesting because I adored Boy George back in the day. I remember taking a Culture Club record to a high school dance so that the DJ could play it because I knew that no one in this backwoods town was listening to the same things I was listening to. Yes, I was that weird kid. I’m not sure how much my Cancer moon had to do with that, but it probably did play a role. A Cancer moon can impart a sort of reverence for the past that is expressed through a campy sense of nostalgia. I’ve always looked back at fashion in a way that is both a nod and a wink to the styles of yesteryear. I can see that in Boy George. In that respect, we are kindred spirits.

We also share third-house Mercury placements, which makes us into communicators with minds that can wander. Of course, neither of us can stay off Twitter: the perfect venue for guys like us. It’s a bit a of problem. However, a bigger problem is the other people with whom we share our birthdays. George shares his with Donald Trump, and I share mine with Eric Trump. I know, right?

Anyway, I hope to see more of Boy George in future episodes of RHOBH. He can take Lisa Vanderpump’s spot now that she’s decided to focus her meddling elsewhere. Whoops . . . did I type that?

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