Lucky Charms (source: The Daily Meal)

One transit I look forward to every year is when the sun crosses over my natal Jupiter. The best professional experience I’ve ever had as an astrology writer occurred during this transit several years ago when I was invited to put on a fashion show based upon my first book in collaboration with the Mario Lemieux Celebrity Golf Tournament in Pittsburgh. I’ve never felt luckier than I did at that time in my life. I partied with Leslie Nielsen and met Kool and the Gang that weekend. I know, right?

While that incident felt lucky to me from a professional standpoint, another feature of this fortunate transit is just good luck in general. A few years ago, I went to the casino on June 14 and I left with a pile of money. In fact, I had the second-best win in my life up to that point.

Of course, I always feel as if lightning is going to strike twice when something like that happens. But yesterday I was a little hesitant to even press my luck during my annual sun/Jupiter conjunction because of the simultaneous opposition of Mars and Saturn occurring in the sky. While the former aspect is one of the luckiest, the latter is considered to be one of the most unfortunate of all alignments. Not only that, Mars and Saturn were forming hard aspects to both my natal sun and ascendant.

Nevertheless, I went to the casino with a budget and a plan to get out quickly. Guess what? I won about as much money as I make in three weeks of work. I was in and out in just over an hour, and I immediately took my winnings to the bank machine, made a deposit and transferred all the profit to my credit card balances. Yay!

Anyway, I was just looking at my astro.com horoscope preview for next year. From January to October 2020, I’m going to be experiencing a similar transit as Jupiter conjoins my natal sun. Hopefully, I’ll be just as lucky and just as prudent if I do hit the jackpot again.

It’s something to look forward to! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go plan my next Vegas trip . . .

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