Stephanie Hollman (source: Bravo)

June 13 is Stephanie Hollman’s birthday . . . or at least I think it is.

I had a difficult time trying to confirm that today is indeed Stephanie Hollman’s birthday. To be honest, I gave up after a few minutes. As my post yesterday indicated, my attention span is suffering while Mercury opposes my natal sun. I know, right?

I drew up a chart for the “Real Housewives of Dallas” star using a June 13, 1980 date of birth and Dallas as the place of birth (even though I believe that she’s from some small town in Oklahoma). With that info, I could determine a few things about her horoscope.

She likely has a Cancer moon. With a noon chart, her moon is almost exactly conjunct mine (which probably explains why I like her so much). Her natal Mercury is also in Cancer, and her Venus is in Gemini less than three degrees away from her natal sun.

What’s really interesting is that Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all in Virgo. Despite being a Gemini with Mercury in Cancer, this is a Mercurial chart — maybe just not a chart that screams “Gemini!”

On closer inspection, there is a fairly tight T-square in Stephanie’s chart that includes the sun in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo and Neptune in Sagittarius. I can imagine that there are going to be times in her life when she will have a difficult time trying to keep her feet on the ground. I do remember her discussing a suicide attempt on the show. Fortunately, she seems quite well-grounded at the moment. Nevertheless, I can see her having difficulties with deep emotional wounds and feelings as if she never quite measures up to anyone’s expectations of her (unless she was born very early in the day, which would put her moon in Gemini and drastically change my interpretation of her chart).

With a Cancer moon (if that is where her moon resides), she probably makes a great mother. I hope that her husband and children always reciprocate because her caring nature can make her care a little too much about what they think of her. She’s quite empathetic, too, and yet she can have a hard time dealing with personal attacks from people with whom she shares a genuine emotional connection. She can take on burdens that are not hers to bear.

Anyway, I find her to be a delightful housewife with a terrific sense of humor (much like my own). She is also one of the most naturally beautiful women ever to appear on any “Real Housewives” show. In the Bravo universe, she is an oddity: a woman with a face that doesn’t look as if she has bought it in a plastic surgeon’s office.

I couldn’t like her more. I just hope that I’m actually looking at her chart and not the chart of some random woman who was born on this day in 1980 . . .

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