Eugenia Volodina (source: Listal)

The sun entered Libra last night.

I’m happy to have a different sort of energy in the air. Where I live, it’s snowed a bunch already and summer already feels like a distant memory. The shift of both the sun and Mercury into a cardinal sign makes me feel as if I’m looking forward again. It’s not just a change of seasons, but also a change of direction for someone like me who thrives on cardinal vibes.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about this morning, so I looked up today’s celebrity birthdays. I noticed that it’s Eugenia Volodina’s birthday. Interestingly, she reminds me of another Libra model: Bella Hadid. In my book, I mention that Bella is the more-sophisticated version of her Taurus sister, Gigi Hadid. Both signs are ruled by Venus, but one is the girl next door while the other is the woman next door.

When Eugenia was in her heyday, the baby-doll models were at their peak. Eugenia was the antidote to that look, and people like me adored her for that reason. I believe that there is something quite grown-up about the sign of Libra, and that quality is reflected in signature Libra style.

If Taurus is the cheesecake expression of Venusian energy, Libra is the Pavlova. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with cheesecake, but Pavlova is lighter, airier, more intricate in its construction and much more appealing from a superficial perspective. Cheesecake is comfort food. Pavlova is the sort of thing you spend a few hours working on in order to impress your guests with your culinary skills.

Anyway, I’ll spend a lot of time talking about Libra over the next four weeks or so. I’ve sort of let Libra natives down on this blog because this has traditionally been the time of the year that I’ve had my head in other projects. This year, I’ve got nothing better to do than to lavish you with the praise that you deserve.

Ha! We’ll see how long that lasts. By this time tomorrow, I’ll probably be comparing you to a bucket of chicken and posting mugshots of Heather Locklear instead of photos of famous Libra fashion models.

Stay tuned!

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