Star Struck Style

1118full-eugenia-volodinaEugenia Volodina (source: Listal)

The sun entered Libra last night.

I’m happy to have a different sort of energy in the air. Where I live, it’s snowed a bunch already and summer already feels like a distant memory. The shift of both the sun and Mercury into a cardinal sign makes me feel as if I’m looking forward again. It’s not just a change of seasons, but also a change of direction for someone like me who thrives on cardinal vibes.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about this morning, so I looked up today’s celebrity birthdays. I noticed that it’s Eugenia Volodina’s birthday. Interestingly, she reminds me of another Libra model: Bella Hadid. In my book, I mention that Bella is the more-sophisticated version of her Taurus sister, Gigi Hadid. Both signs are ruled by Venus, but one is the girl next door while the…

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